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How to Play Piano + Keyboard

Ambrose Piano Method is a new music notation which makes reading music easy. You can learn to read music and play an easy tune in minutes.

GUARANTEED or your money back.Everything on this site is FREE

  Piano sheet music is available in Ambrose Method Notation or in traditional music notation (reading traditional music notation is not easy) from our library of 3,000 piano pieces).

Download scoring and editing software to create your own music in this notation


 We now have an interactive game available in beta release. You will need a MIDI keyboard and speakers on your PC. You will learn piano as you play the game and have fun. See Ambrose Method Game to the left hand side of this screen, one option from the bottom (not "Games").

Your feedback is appreciated. Here is what others wrote:

"What great fun, 73 and playing piano music, WOW" Daphne Morgan, London, UK.

"Learnt my first easy tune in five minutes and was able to use both hands on the piano! Amazing!!!" Sarah Pearce, Grantham, UK

"We followed the piano lessons and my 3 year old is now playing keyboard music like a pro" Rebecca Allen, Stapleford, UK

"When you create something that requires no explanation and its use is understood in its examination, when children fully grasp the meaning inherent in its presentation...that sir, is genius" Frank Whetstine, Music Professional, Fort Worth, Texas.

"OMG - this piano method is STUNNING. 15 minutes and I can play something recognizable on the piano" John Pickering, Carmarthenshire, Wales

"My 4 yr old has Autism and in the first 30 mins she learnt how to play piano song, thank you, she love" Blanca Reyes, Withhita Falls, Texas

"I think the Ambrose Piano Method works very well for small children who can play tunes very quickly using this system of music notation. In my piano teaching experience I have found that the little kids have not got much concentration and therefore it is a good method of introduction into how to play the piano.
Also the same with adults piano beginners who sometimes just want to play something quickly and the traditional music notation does take some time before you can play anything that sounds reasonable on the piano.

 This new music notation is very similar and with practice it should not be a problem to transfer to traditional notation. I tend to teach normal piano notation because I am a school teacher and it is what is expected but personally I think whatever way you get kids to play an instrument is great. The joy of playing piano and joining in with others on a music keyboard is the best thing ever." Hilary Daniel, London, UK.

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