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Educational Interactive Piano Game

This educational piano game has the potential to change the way piano is learned and music is written. Teachers are invited to compose their own games using our easy authoring module, available on request.

It uses Traditional music notation OR Ambrose Piano Tabs. Any keyboard with MIDI in/out will work with this game.

Free Interactive PC Piano game

We have released (Beta only) a piano game which you can play on your PC connected to a MIDI keyboard.

Kids fight to play this game, they earn coins which allows them to buy more tunes to play. Learn as you play and have fun.

Traditional music notation and Ambrose method notation are both available in this game. You have a choice of free tunes and you can select your own speed and difficulty levels. You earn coins which allow you to buy more tunes.

When you buy the Ambrose Method book on eBay you are supplied coloured stickers to place on your keyboard. Usually beginners start of with Ambrose Method and move onto traditional notation when they want to take formal one to one lessons. Coloured stickers on their own are available free of charge, email me rka at optimax co uk. Colours and stickers are not used with traditional music.

The game can be played in note by note mode where you play the correct note before it allows you to play the next and shows you where you are going wrong. This makes reading the music for the first time very easy. When you can read all the notes to your satisfaction you can select to play the tune, or sections of it in real time, at a speed to suit you. Looping allows you to play a small section over and over again until perfected; you can select right hand and left hand parts separately until you are confident to try both hands. Select to hear the music and or a metronome in the background makes playing more enjoyable. Combo scoring and coins make it exciting.

There are many free tunes to play but if you require something special our authoring system allows you to download any tune of your choice from our library and turn it into a game of your choice using our free software. You can specify how you wish to play the game. This is especially useful for piano teachers who want to set lessons for their pupils

NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY: see "Getting Started" below. Download the game with Windows installer :-

The game lets you to play the piano and measures your accuracy when you play
Have fun and learn to play piano at the same time. Available for Windows 7 or later (Mac OSX version to follow)

  • MIDI keyboard needed
  • Beta version - Please report any bugs
  • A variety of tunes available

Read the help files before using, here at:-

Please, please send us your feedback, good or bad and comment on the game. We want to make it better for you.
to: russell dot ambrose  at  optimax co uk or contact us on the support page
It is similar to a game released a 20 years ago called "Miracle Piano" Here this game is free. You only need a MIDI keyboard to use it
Getting started:
Once you have downloaded the game, connected a keyboard and opened the game on your PC, make sure the keys sound notes when you press the keys, see help file for the sound trouble shooting guide.
Start by creating your user name in “New User” then click on “Start game”
The next screen is where you choose a song to learn, click on "Get more Games" to put into your personal library
Then “Choose Song” menu. I suggest you start with an easy song such as “Twinkle, introduction” or any free tune

The next screen allows you to choose various ways to play the game:
“Practise Song”
“Practise Song” gives you complete control how you play the game:
see below

Play through all Lessons in order" alllows you to progress only once you have mastered each section. This is a game written by teachers to ensure good study.

"First Lesson.... etc" This allows you to choose which lessons and master them at your own pace.
The lesson screen appears once a song is chosen, see "Settings" button which allows you to  select:
Ambrose Method or Traditional notation.
Music density (= how many notes on screen at once)
“Practise Song”
Control menu
"Start practising" to start the game, or use the space bar on the qwerty keyboard
"Start listening" to hear the music in full before you start
Background Music Volume: play tracks, left or right or both, to hear as you play
Metronome, having a metronome on will help keep you in time
Tempo: adjust the speed at wich the tune is played, slow right down to say 30 BPM and increase as you gain confidence.
Loops:  at the bottom of the screen you will see a stave of the whole tune. There are circles which you can drag and drop to select an area of music to loop, specify how many times you want to loop the music in Control Menu.
Settings menu
Ambrose Piano Method or Traditional Notation (use Ambrose method as default)
Right or Left or Both hands (use RH first, then LH, then both)
Metronome type: off, normal, double speed (have normal speed on usually)
Play note by note versus Real time (always satrt with note by note until you can read all the notes well)
Difficulty (start with easy)
Show on screen help (refer to onscreen help until you find it a distraction)
Press the space bar on the qwerty keyboard to start practising
“Play note by note”
When the correct key is pressed the note will sound, a green bar will light up and the music will move to the next note.
If you press a wrong note a red bar will light up and you will not be able to go to the next note. Don`t forget to hold down the keys until the next note is ready, if difficulty level is set high lifting the note too early or late will stop the music.
Keep practising the Right hand until you are familiar with all the notes in the right hand track. Press space bar to return to the beginning and practise again. To play the tune over and over and again, select “Loop with count in “Control” menu.
If you want to hear the left hand track as you practise the right hand select “Left Hand” background music volume, adjusts the volume.
When you have practised in “Play note by note” and are confident that you know all the notes in both hands go to “Control” and select “Play music in real time”. Lower the tempo to say 30 BPM, press space bar and see how you get on !
Start with the right hand with left hand background music, then practise the left hand. When you can play both hands separately try both hands together.
There is scoring to tell you how good you are getting and a combo bar.
When you are good go to menu and select “Play through all lessons in order” and play the game for real.
One of the lessons may be "Whole tune Both Hands" which is without break at proper speed.
Anyone who wants to be involved in writing and specifying the content of games for themselves is welcome to contact me.
GOOD LUCK, all feedback is welcome, to russsell dot ambrose at optimax co uk


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