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Piano tabs feedback

When you create something that requires no explanation and its use is understood in its examination, when children fully grasp the meaning inherent in its presentation...that sir, is genius. Frank Whetstine, Texas

Hi, my little boy aged 9 has been having piano lessons at school for a yr and he found it boring and still couldn’t play piano. He has learning difficulties. I bought him your music book, it is bright and easy to understand now he as regained his interest in learning the piano and he loves it. Thank you very much. Hazel

I am absolutely amazed that I have been able to progress as quickly as I have through the music lessons. I have downloaded lots of additional free songs from your online site and am having the time of my life learning new piano pieces. I have always wanted to play piano and always been too impatient to learn...this system is so quick to pick to up that this has not been a problem. I am still progressing (trying to separate my left and right hands is slower, but I can see this improving every time I play). I can now play River Flows in You by Yirama...something I would never have dreamed possible!! It has been fabulous and I have recommended your music system to everyone that will listen!!. Thankyou. Debbie Pilgrim, East Sussex

I have always loved piano music, but have never been able to sing or play an instrument. The Christmas before last my partner bought me a keyboard and it had been sitting gathering dust until I discovered Piano Tabs learning method. I was amazed - for the first time in my life, at 46 years old I could actually read music! You have no idea how satisfying it was to "play" a recognisable tune on the piano! It is an absolutely fantastic learning system - lots of practice now, and this certainly makes it more pleasurable. Thank you so very, very much. Sharon Hardwick, Kimbeverley

I am really enjoying how to play the piano this way. I started learning piano 50 years ago and had an older sister who was much better than me so I gave it up. As you can imagine how that put me off playing. Now this is pure joy and just for me. I have downloaded some more from your website but what I mustn’t do now is go forward to more difficult tunes until I am fairly proficient. Having said that I do hope to play keyboard like Hugo, and then I would be entirely happy. I have downloaded Blue Danube as Strauss was one of my favourites when my sister was playing - also Tales from the Vienna Woods. I didn`t get that good at piano to play it myself! I wish you the best of luck with it. Marian

I purchased the beginners piano book for Piano Tabs and as a teacher I am very impressed and are keen to try out this new music notation on children. I am interested to know if there are further tutor/music/song books available. If so, details please. I appreciate that plenty of music can be downloaded. Graham Cousins (Lots are available on eBay or in the music book shop in this website, R.A.)

Got your music lesson book yesterday and my wife was up all night going through it, I awoke to hear music on the piano that we have had for 40 years (first time ever). I just wanted to say thank you. My wife is already talking about getting your other piano books once she masters this one. Thank you again. Dennis

One of the best things I`ve found about Piano Tabs is that I`ve been able to learn a few classical piano pieces that had previously seemed far too advanced for what I had perceived my piano grades too be. It is ideal for piano beginners but can also bring out the best in intermediate level and self taught keyboard players
David Reade, Chelmsford